Intel® SSD DC P3608 Series

Consistently amazing

Extreme Performance – Moving Data Closer to the CPU

The Intel® SSD DC P3608 Series taps into the power of the NVMe* interface to deliver new levels of PCIe* performance and ultra-low latency. When paired with multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors, the SSD’s unique NVMe dual controller architecture enables highly efficient scalability, evenly distributing I/O across the PCIe 3.0 x8 link to obtain real-world transfers of over 5GB/s bandwidth and up to 850,000 random read IOPS.

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Product Specifications1


Sequential Read

(up to)2

Sequential Write

(up to)2

Random 4 KB Read

(up to)3

Random 4 KB Write

(up to)3

Random 4 KB 70/30 Read/Write

(up to)3

Random 8 KB Read

(up to)4

Random 8 KB Write

(up to)4

Random 8 KB 70/30 Read/Write

(up to)4

Form Factor
1.6 TB5 5,000
2,000 MB/s 850,000 IOPS 150,000 IOPS 300,000 IOPS 500,000 IOPS 60,000 IOPS 160,000 IOPS HHHL AIC
3.2 TB5 4,500
850,000 IOPS 80,000 IOPS 165,000 IOPS 500,000 IOPS 36,000 IOPS 80,000 IOPS HHHL AIC
4.0 TB5 5,000
850,000 IOPS 50,000 IOPS 150,000 IOPS 500,000 IOPS 28,000 IOPS 75,000 IOPS HHHL AIC

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Product and Performance Information


Performance measured using IOMeter* on Intel provided Windows Server 2012 R2 driver with Queue Depth 256 and number of workers equal to 8. Measurements are performed on a full Logical Block Address (LBA) span of the drive. Power mode set at 40 W. Values are aggregate over both partitions with equal workloads.


Performance measured using IOMeter with 128 KB (131,072 bytes) of transfer size with Queue Depth 128. Power mode set at 40W.

34KB = 4,096 bytes
48KB = 8,192 bytes
51TB = 1012 bytes