Brief: Intel® Optane™ SSD with Intel® Memory Drive Technology

Every day, the amount of data created across the enterprise is exploding to new levels. Businesses thrive on this data to make critical decisions, and putting that data closer to the CPU can help ensure the most efficient use of the information to deliver better insights. But, today's current storage technologies leave a technology gap in data storage tiers. DRAM is far too expensive to scale and ...while NAND has the capacity and cost structure to scale, it lacks sufficient performance to function in the memory space. To address the gap, a storage solution that behaves like system memory is needed.

Most Responsive Data Center SSD
The Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X is the first product to combine the attributes of memory and storage. With an industry-leading combination of high throughput, low latency, high QoS, and ultra-high endurance, this innovative solution is optimized to break through data access bottlenecks by providing a new data storage tier. The DC P4800X accelerates applications for fast caching and fast storage, to reduce transaction costs for latency sensitive workloads while increasing scale per server. Data centers can now also deploy bigger and more affordable datasets to gain new insights from large memory pools.

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