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ZT Systems Customized Server Hardware and Intel SSDs Case Study

ZT Systems and Intel: Innovative Solid-State Drive Solutions

ZT Systems* server solutions, featuring optimized Intel® Solid-State Drives, balance storage performance and endurance to meet enterprise companies' unique requirements.

ZT Systems customizes server hardware and delivery, with platforms incorporating Intel® Solid-State Drive (SSD) solutions optimized based on individual customers’ specific priorities—performance, longevity, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or ease of deployment. These customized server storage solutions enable customers to take full advantage of the increased performance of SSDs, while allocating capacity as required to promote improved endurance.
• Balancing performance and endurance.

One SSD solution does not fit all, as every company has unique workloads and unique storage needs.
• A cost-effective solution.

Each stakeholder has a different viewpoint when it comes to the investment of a new storage solution.

• Overprovisioning.

Reconfiguring the Intel® X25-M and Intel® X25-E SSDs meets enhanced customer requirements for endurance and performance.
• Proof of concept.

Read the full ZT Systems* and Intel Innovative Solid-State Drive Solutions Case Study.

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