Why Choose a Data Center Class Solid-State Drive?

Why Choose a Data Center Class Solid-State Drive

The Data Center Solutions team, within the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), has recently received a number of questions from end users about the differences between Intel® SSD Data Center Family and Intel® SSD Consumer Family solid-state drives. End users often express a desire to use the less expensive client/consumer drive, ...specifically the Intel® Solid-State Drive (SSD) 530 Series client drive in place of the Intel® SSD Data Center S3500 Series drive in their data center environments. What this article conveys, through a step-by-step walkthrough, is the reasoning behind using a data center product. For this exercise, the specification sheets listed below and some estimated web pricing for the 80GB versions of these drives will be used as a reference. The smallest common size of drive will be discussed to highlight the differences between the two classes of devices. At this capacity point the GB/day in write endurance is similar, which is normally what spawns this discussion.

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