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Intel® Datacenter Manager: Virtual KVM Gateway

Part of the Intel® Datacenter Software family

Intel® Datacenter Manager: Virtual KVM Gateway (Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway)

A new era in systems management.

Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway is a cross-platform, virtual KVM used for diagnosing and troubleshooting datacenter hardware.

This innovative solution from Intel surpasses legacy KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) hardware with a firmware-based capability embedded directly into the server. Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway reduces complexity and adds new capabilities beyond the limits of hardware switches by eliminating the need for complicated and expensive KVM infrastructure. IT managers can now securely configure or fix compatible components (e.g., servers, network switches, and storage devices) remotely, in a ‟one to many” solution.

The Intel Virtual KVM solution can help your datacenter move forward by easily integrating with existing consoles and fully encompassing legacy systems. It provides the flexibility to maintain your current hardware environment—without additional hardware purchases.

Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway Delivers

  • Real-time visibility and controls for IT assets: View one unit or multiple units on the same pane of glass, in real time, from anywhere.
  • Consolidated, centralized access: Reach any rack, blade, or combination from one console with the capability to access and control more than one server at a time.
  • Full device coverage for in-band and out-of-band communications: Interface with servers through either channel to allow for interoperation with any vendor’s system, whether the system is up or down.
  • Cross-OEM vendor support: Access management tools across multiple server and blade hardware vendors in one simple interface.

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Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway