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Intel Announces the Intel® Data Platform

As data access and insight become the key to competitive edge and innovation, Intel is working with companies of all sizes to help uncover actionable insight in data. New scientific discoveries, business models, and consumer experiences are resulting, with incredible transformative power. The new Intel® Data Platform (Intel® DP) brings together advanced data processing and analytics software and tools to help enterprises seize the opportunity and move effectively into the era of the software-defined datacenter.


Increase Agility and Capability

Intel offerings in enterprise-ready, open source datacenter software—such as the Intel® Distribution of Apache Hadoop* software and Intel® Solutions for Lustre* software—are now enhanced with mission critical capabilities, support, and tools. Intel DP marks Intel’s evolution into a go-to source for the software and hardware building blocks that can tackle datacenter challenges.

Intel® Data Platform

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Versatile, enterprise-ready Intel Data Platform offerings include:

  • Intel® Data Platform Enterprise Edition: Provides all the platform capabilities in a free software product. This edition is designed for customers who can self-support their deployment with assistance from the open source community.

  • Intel® Data Platform Premium Edition: Provides all the Enterprise Edition capabilities, along with service-level predictability in the form of an Intel® software subscription with premium technical features, live technical support, and indemnity. Premium technical features include enhanced automation (including Intel® Active Tuner) and proactive system and security alert capabilities. The Intel subscription also includes proactive security fixes and ongoing feature enhancements. Technical support is available in 9─5 or 24/7 coverage options.

  • Intel® Data Platform Analytics Toolkit: Software tools to reduce the complexity, effort, and cost associated with knowledge discovery and predictive modeling. The toolkit will provide foundations of common algorithms, such as graphs and network-based clustering, which IT teams can build on and customize with domain-specific code. The easy-to-deploy algorithms are broad enough to be applied to multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail. The toolkit will also provide an enhanced development framework for knowledge discovery, unifying graph analytics, and classical machine learning to ease the programming effort.

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