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Intel® Solutions for Lustre* software

Lustre* Datacenter Solutions from Intel

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Previously used only by the world's most advanced research centers, academic institutions and laboratories, enterprises of all kinds are investing in high performance computing (HPC) to solve today's most important problems and create powerful competitive advantages. Very fast, highly scalable storage software is a critical component of HPC. Data- and compute-intensive applications require storage solutions that combine extreme performance at large scale with simple but powerful management tools to create HPC solutions that are perfectly balanced and maximize resource utilization.

Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software. Extreme-scale storage for high performance computing (HPC) and the enterprise.


The latest Lustre*-based solutions from Intel bring significant performance and capability enhancements to HPC clusters and enterprise organizations—from cloud to big data.

Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software (Intel® EE for Lustre software): Lustre* technology is used in some of the world’s largest commercial, university, research, and government environments. Tap into the power and scalability of Lustre—with simplified installation, configuration, and monitoring features. Learn more >

Intel® Cloud Edition for Lustre* software: Purpose-built for use with the dynamic computing resources available from Amazon* Web Services (AWS). The solution provides the fast, massively scalable storage software needed to accelerate performance, even on complex workloads. Learn more >

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