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Intel® Service Assurance Administrator (Intel® SAA)

Part of the Intel® Datacenter Software family

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Intel® Service Assurance Administrator (Intel® SAA)

Enterprise IT managers need a viable solution that supports running internal workloads on virtualized and cloud infrastructure with SLA guarantees. But it can be challenging to start a private cloud initiative that serves internal enterprise customers. Cloud infrastructure—both physical and virtualized—must be enhanced with service assurance administration software tools to run enterprise workloads efficiently.

Intel® Service Assurance Administrator (Intel® SAA) enables IT managers and service providers to confidently create multitenant environments designed to meet performance criteria and implement service level agreements. Intel SAA monitoring, remediation, reporting, and management capabilities bring the trust attestation, performance, availability, and portability enterprises require.

Infrastructure provisioning


With Intel SAA, IT managers know that the infrastructure is running the designated hypervisor, and is compliant with IT regulations. This solution provides the flexibility to increase vendor choices, potentially reduce cost, and increase access to innovation.

Create a private cloud with enterprise-grade SLA

 Enhanced trust


 Machine flavor creator

  • Virtual machines (VMs) run on trust-attested compute nodes
  • Increase performance with service compute unit


 OpenStack* health monitoring

  • Critical OpenStack component monitoring
  • In-depth compute node monitoring

 Insightful planning

 Capacity insight engine

  • Compute node and VM capacity, capability, and consumption
  • Intelligent, automated machine instance provisioning

 Enhanced IT
 compliance reporting

 Reporting engine

  • Instantiation reports (machine instance provisioning)
  • Trust attestation compliance reports
  • Performance metrics reports

 Easy OpenStack

 Service assurance engine

  • Plug-in: Enhances nova scheduler to ensure automated and efficient machine instance execution
  • Controller: Kernel virtual machine (KVM) that servers as central monitoring and management engine for a cluster of cloud infrastructure
  • Agent: Platform telemetry for compute node running Ubuntu* or CentOS*
  • Service assurance API: Representational state transfer (REST) interface enables easy integration with existing IT operations tools
  • Administration console: Web UI, built using service assurance API

 Fast probable root
 cause analysis

 Analysis and remediation engine

  • Detect anomalies
  • Set and execute IT policies
  • Detect SLA violation

Intel® Service Assurance Administrator


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