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Uncover Connections in Big Data for Deeper Insights

The capture, store, and mining of massive data stores—both structured and unstructured—is changing business models and accelerating the pace of discovery for research and industry. Current analytics technologies begin to tap the wealth of insight latent in Big Data.

Graphs represent data objects and their connections. Even greater insight is possible once we understand the context that connects individual data points in any type of relationship. This can include places, temporal and social relationships, communications, and physical connections or proximity.

Graph analysis can be done on the full range of data. It’s proving particularly effective on increasing classes of Big Data—such as Web content, wide-ranging system logs, communications using IMs, emails, tweets, and call records, images and photos, and video. Graph analysis will also be essential to extract value from new types of data in the near future, such as sensor readings from wearables and the Internet of Things, electronic health records, and personalized genomic sequences.

Achieving Graph Analytics for Big Data

As the scope of Big Data analytics expands to billions and trillions of data points, usability and scalability requirements are pushed to new levels. Graph analytics brings additional complexities—whether dealing with cluster computing or efficiently structuring vast amounts of raw data into well-structured graphs that can be efficiently processed using graph analytics tools. To address these challenges, Intel, along with the wider ecosystem, is developing effective, efficient graph tools and solutions that can bring Big Data advantages to organizations worldwide.

Intel® Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop* Software v2 simplifies creation of graph data models, enabling data scientists to focus on solving business problems instead of formatting data. Learn more >

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See how graph analytics gets value from Big Data

Big Data and Graph Analytics
Applying graph analytics to Big Data with Apache Hadoop* streamlines data analysis and yields powerful insights.

See how graph analytics gets value from Big Data >

See how Intel Graph Builder tackles Big Data

Intel® Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop* Software v2
Intel® Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop* Software v2 automates many data-preparation tasks and quickly readies data for powerful analysis.

See how Intel Graph Builder tackles Big Data >


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