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Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop Overview

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Hbase Developer Training

Working with HBase

HBase* Developer Training provides core concepts to help application developers and system administrators deploy and use HBase effectively. Using the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* as a platform for instruction, you can quickly learn the essentials through technical sessions and hands-on labs. By the end of this three-day HBase training, you will be prepared to handle real world challenges that you may come across.

Course Objectives

  • Using the Hadoop and HDFS platform
  • Deploying HBase with other Hadoop components
  • Monitoring and optimizing HBase deployments
  • Planning HBase schema
  • Using HBase effectively to load data
  • Writing to and reading from HBase
  • Securing data in HBase with access control

Course Details

  • Content: Detailed outline
  • Format: Classroom training
  • Length: 3 days

This course is recommended for:

  • Programmers looking to analyze large volumes of structured data like CDRs or IPDRs
  • Java* developers who wants to write applications on the Hadoop/HBase platform


  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming and proficiency in Java

Students who complete the HBase training course are then eligible for the Intel Certification for Apache Hadoop* Professional Exam. As a trusted technology provider to the industry, the Intel Certification carries the assurance that your Hadoop expertise is backed by a brand recognized around the world.


   Day 1: Foundation

   Day 2: Implementation

   Day 3: Advanced

   - Introduction to HBase

   - HBase Architecture

   - Using HBase effectively

   - Administering HBase

   - HBase Cluster

   - HBase Troubleshooting


   - Review Day 1

   - HBase Architecture

   - Developing with HBase

   - Schema Design

   - Schema Design Best


   - Review Day 2

   - Configuring

   - Monitoring

   - Troubleshooting

   - HBase and Hive

   - HBase Performance


Why Intel and Apache Hadoop?

We believe that every organization and individual should have the ability to generate value from all the data that they can access. The value of data depends on the ability to collect, store, analyze, visualize, and act on it. The Intel® Distribution is built from the hardware up to enable the widest range of use cases on Apache Hadoop by delivering the performance, security, and scalability that enterprises need. Intel offers a robust platform on which the ecosystem can innovate in next-generation analytics. Intel is committed to open source and supports the Apache developer community by contributing in code and in kind.

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