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Intel® Cloud Edition for Lustre* Software

Get Breakthrough Performance Out of Complex Applications Workloads

As the driving force behind Lustre*, the most widely used file system for high performance computing (HPC), Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software is purpose-built for use with the dynamic computing resources available from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution provides the fast, massively scalable storage software needed to accelerate performance, even on complex workloads.  

Increase Storage Performance
Based upon the community release of Lustre and optimized for Linux* servers, Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software is a scalable, parallel file system purpose-built for HPC. Ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you go applications—from rapid simulation and prototyping to ‛cloud bursting’ some or all of your peak HPC workloads—Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software helps maximize storage performance and cost-effectiveness with AWS.

Driven by its flexibility and affordability, many HPC and big data workloads are transitioning from on-premise entirely onto AWS. Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software can be combined with AWS to address a wide array of use cases. These include augmenting on-premise HPC resources with cloud capabilities, whether bursting peak workloads or exploiting the cost advantages of on-demand resources.

Competitive Advantage
Across all industries worldwide, HPC is helping innovative users achieve breakthrough results—from leading edge academic research to data-intensive applications, such as weather prediction and large-scale manufacturing in the aerospace and automotive sectors. As HPC-powered simulations continue to grow ever larger and more complex, they are often constrained by infrastructure that is simply unavailable or too costly. As a result, opportunities to experiment and try new speculative models are missed due to resource and cost constraints.

With Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software, users can easily add, remove, or reconfigure AWS resources to match their workloads and budgets for optimal return on investment. In addition, new applications are being designed and deployed exclusively onto AWS infrastructure for unmatched total cost of ownership.

AWS is a leading provider of computing infrastructures that allow scientists and engineers to solve complex problems requiring very fast computation coupled with high-bandwidth, low-latency networking.

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