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SOLUTION BRIEF Intel® Cache Acceleration Software Workstation

The challenge with current caching solutions is that all data is treated the same—Intel CAS-W solves this with a unique data caching policy that allows the user to select which data type should be accelerated, providing better control and performance optimization. This "hot data" is placed on an SSD cache, sized appropriately to fully utilize its capacity, thus reducing the storage system latency and significantly improving performance. The remaining less active data, referred to as "cold data," can be stored on hard disk drives (HDDs) which are more costeffective when performance is not the highest criteria. By effectively selecting which data types to accelerate, Intel CAS-W provides better control and performance optimization. Intel CAS-W can also utilize unused system memory, dynamic random access memory [DRAM) or "buffered cache," which maximizes performance. These features optimize workstation resources while the application is running in the background. Intel CAS-W works seamlessly with applications without requiring any migration of data or system imaging.

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