IndustryBuilt Does More Data-Intensive Computing with Less

IndustryBuilt Does More Data-Intensive Computing with Less

IndustryBuilt, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics* NAV partners in North America, provides industry-focused software and services primarily to mid-sized businesses. Its customers often have the same challenges as larger organizations without the same resources, with employees often performing multiple duties.

The company i...s comprised of two business groups that each focus on matching the best software technology with the appropriate business processes for each industry. JustFoodERP helps food companies lower costs, improve food safety and manage customer compliance. Equip-Soft helps equipment distributors manage growth and improve efficiencies through its rentals, service, sales, parts, and feet management software.

• Limited hardware and management resources. Customers rely heavily on storage- and resource-intensive transactional databases.

• Intel® Cache Acceleration Software with the Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3700 Series. IndustryBuilt performed simulation testing of 30 different real-world scenarios before deploying to its customers.

• Increased performance, reduced latency. Read speeds increased between 11 to 18 times for both IOPS (IO/sec) and throughput (MB/sec), while latency (ms) was reduced by 96 percent.
• Industry-unique control. The multi-level caching solution allows applications to exceed the excellent performance achieved when running fully on SSDs.

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