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End of Support for the Windows* XP Operating System

It’s time for an operating system that keeps up with your business

Chances are, your business is on the move. Though if you’re relying on older PCs, it might not be moving as fast as it could—especially if you’re still running the Windows* XP operating system. When support for Windows* XP software ended in April 2014, you lost crucial security patches and tech support from Microsoft. This means your PCs are highly vulnerable to malware and viruses that can put your sensitive business data at risk.

But even without that added vulnerability, you can also run up major repair bills. If your PCs are beyond 4 years old, they can more than double the time spent on support and repairs, which means lost productivity.1 So your business is losing both time and money. 

Get power plus protection 

Modernize your business by upgrading to the latest Intel® Core™ processor-based devices and the Windows® 10 Pro operating system.

  • You’ll experience cutting-edge performance from the start with fast boot and wake-up times, and multitasking is effortless whether moving between apps, files, or web sites.2
  • Reduce the number of passwords you manage with facial recognition technology using an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera and Windows* Hello software.2
  • Enjoy the simplicity of a familiar, user-friendly interface, and an upgrade that’s designed to be compatible with the hardware and software you already use. 

Transform the way you work with Microsoft* Office 365 software 

The ideal companion to the Windows® 10 Pro operating system is Microsoft* Office 365 software. With a full lineup of cloud-based business services, Microsoft* Office 365 software transforms the way you work. It’s your go-to office—anywhere.

  • Brand your business-class e-mail address with your company name to build brand recognition, and easily create custom marketing materials.
  • Connect with other Skype* for Business users via instant message, voice, or video calls.
  • Gain the extra storage space you need with 1 terabyte (TB) of storage per user, and easily share files from any location at any time. 

Find the right device for your business

Intel® Core™ processors and Windows® 10 Pro software are available in a range of models designed to meet your unique needs. And if you’re looking to go mobile, the latest devices provide long battery life so that you can be more productive.

  • Select from razor-thin 2 in 1s that go from a tablet to a laptop, or the sleek Ultrabook™ device designed especially for business. With wireless convenience, you can dock automatically to monitors and keyboards or display presentations seamlessly in a conference room.2
  • Choose from a desktop tower that can expand with your business, a touch-screen All-in-One that’s easy for customers to interact with, or a compact-but-powerful mini PC that fits small workspaces.
  • Whether you go desktop or mobile, you can be sure that the transition will be smooth, thanks to the familiar Windows* user interface.

Don’t wait another minute

Step up to business-class performance and security with the latest Intel® Core™ processors and Windows® 10 Pro software.

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