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Intelligent Power Delivery and Distribution

Improve Power Efficiency and Reliability

Intel® Efficient Power Technology is a series of improvements within Intel® power supplies and voltage regulators to increase power delivery efficiency and reliability within numerous Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family-based Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems. The technology is included in all common redundant power supplies (CRPS). The CRPS is available in four different capacities—460W, 750W, 1200W, and 1600W options—in a plug-compatible form factor allowing it to be used across many different systems. CRPS includes the technologies 80 PLUS* Platinum (92 percent efficient at 50 percent load) efficiency, cold redundancy, closed loop system protection, smart ride through, dynamic redundancy detection, black box recorder, compatibility bus, and auto firmware updates to provide more efficient power delivery to the system. These capabilities improve the reliability of the power delivery and allow better matching of the power supply to the needs of the system power, as well as simplify the design.

Additional capabilities dedicated to advanced voltage regulation (VR) work to improve system efficiency and minimize power consumption under a variety of load conditions, including capabilities for auto phase shedding, cool field-effect transistor (FET) technology, and industry leading VR tuning. The Intel Efficient Power Technology capabilities ultimately reduce the amount of system power lost to heat and inefficiencies, reducing the overall cost of ownership of Intel® Server Products and improving system reliability.

Capabilities Benefits  
Power Delivery  
Various power levels and inputs Common redundant power supplies (CRPS) are available in a variety of power levels to help users get the optimal highest efficiency from the system based on the configuration and workload. AC input versions are available in 460W, 750W, 1200W, and 1600W power levels. -48VDC input versions are available in 750W and 1600W power levels.  
Cold redundancy Dynamic activation of power supplies based on loading state to achieve the highest possible redundant power supply efficiency.  
Closed loop system protection (CLST) Reduces power supply unit (PSU) size and cost, improves PSU efficiency in redundant mode, and allows additional components to the baseboard. Protection mechanism prevents PSU overloading and system crashing when platform power exceeds supported level and maintains the highest possible efficiency over the full operating range of system load states.  
Smart ride through
Controls the PSU load during AC line dropouts, provides higher PSU efficiency at heavy load times, and simplifies PSU holdup time requirements. Allows system to ride through momentary losses of AC power while maintaining the highest possible power supply efficiency.  
Dynamic redundancy detection Real-time monitoring of power supply loading to guarantee the system does not exceed a power level that can support redundancy with the power supplies installed in the system.  
Black box recorder Operation and failure data collected for improved reliability and faster platform integration issue resolution.  
Efficiency rating Power supplies for Intel® Server Product offer the most efficient power supplies rating available—80 PLUS* Platinum certified.  
Compatibility bus Electronic keying ensures incompatible power supplies are not used in the same system protecting the user from potential problems.  
Automatic firmware update Power supply updates and improvements when needed without replacing the power supply.  
Power Distribution  
Auto phase shedding Auto phase shedding on multiphase VRs increase server power efficiency at lighter loading conditions to minimize power consumption.  
Cool FET technology Low switching loss field-effect transistors (FETs) with double-sided cooling packaging that lowers FET temperature and FET power loss during high load situations to improve system efficiency and optimize power consumption. Integrated driver, metal-oxide semiconductor FET power stages reduce gate drive parasitics further lowering switching losses and reducing VR footprint.  
Industry leading VR tuning Custom VR validation tool suite across a multitude of transient conditions above and beyond Intel recommendations for maximum responsiveness, reliability, and improved system efficiency.  

Compatible Products

Boards Corresponding Systems
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4600 Family-Based Boards Intel Xeon Processor E5-4600 Family-Based Systems
Intel® Server Board S4600LH2 Intel® Server System R2304LH2HKC
Intel® Server Board S4600LT2 Intel® Server System R2208LT2HKC4
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 Family-Based Boards Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 Family-Based Systems
New! Intel® Server Board S2600CW2
New! Intel® Server Board S2600CW2S
New! Intel® Server Board S2600CWT
New! Intel® Server Board S2600CWTS
New! Intel® Server Board S2600KP
New! Intel® Compute Module HNS2600KP
New! Intel® Server Board S2600KPF
New! Intel® Compute Module HNS2600KPF
New! Intel® Server Board S2600TP New! Intel® Compute Module HNS2600TP
New! Intel® Server Board S2600TPF New! Intel® Compute Module HNS2600TPF
New! Intel® Server Board S2600WT2 New! Intel® Server System R1208WT2GS
  New! Intel® Server System R1304WT2GS
New! Intel® Server Board S2600WTT New! Intel® Server System R1208WTTGS
  New! Intel® Server System R1304WTTGS
  New! Intel® Server System R2208WTTYC1
  New! Intel® Server System R2208WTTYS
  New! Intel® Server System R2224WTTYS
  New! Intel® Server System R2308WTTYS
  New! Intel® Server System R2312WTTYS
Intel® Server Board S2600GL Intel® Server System R1208GL4DS
  Intel® Server System R1304GL4DS9
  Intel® Server System R2208GL4GS
  Intel® Server System R2308GL4GS
  Intel® Server System R2312GL4GS
Intel® Server Board S2600GZ Intel® Server System R1208GZ4GC
  Intel® Server System R1208GZ4GS9
  Intel® Server System R1304GZ4GC
  Intel® Server System R1304GZ4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2208GZ4GC
  Intel® Server System R2208GZ4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2216GZ4GC
  Intel® Server System R2224GZ4GC4
  Intel® Server System R2308GZ4GC
  Intel® Server System R2308GZ4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GC4
  Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GS9
Intel® Server Board S2600CP2  
Intel® Server Board S2600CP4 Intel® Server System P4308CP4MHEN
  Intel® Server System P4308CP4MHGC
Intel® Server Board S2600JF Intel® Compute Module HNS2600JF
Intel® Server Board S2600JFF Intel® Compute Module HNS2600JFF
Intel® Server Board S2600JFQ Intel® Compute Module HNS2600JFQ
Intel® Server Board S2600IP4 Intel® Server System R2208IP4LHPC
  Intel® Server System R2308IP4LHPC
  Intel® Server System R2312IP4LHPC
  Intel® Server System P4308IP4LHJC
  Intel® Server System P4216IP4LHJC
Intel® Server Board S2600COE
Intel® Server Board S2600CO4
Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR2 Intel® Workstation System P4304CR2LFKN
Intel® Server Board S2600WP Intel® Compute Module HNS2600WP
Intel® Server Board S2600WPF Intel® Compute Module HNS2600WPF
Intel® Server Board S2600WPQ Intel® Compute Module HNS2600WPQ
Intel® Server Board S1600JP21
Intel® Server Board S1600JP41 Intel® Server System R1208JP4GS
  Intel® Server System R1208JP4OC
  Intel® Server System R1208JP4TC
  Intel® Server System R1304JP4GS
  Intel® Server System R1304JP4OC
  Intel® Server System R1304JP4TC
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Product Family-Based Boards Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Product Family-Based Systems
Intel® Server Board S2400SC2 Intel® Server System R2308SC2SHFN
  Intel® Server System R2312SC2SHGR
  Intel® Server System P4304SC2SFEN
  Intel® Server System P4308SC2MHGC
Intel® Server Board S2400BB4 Intel® Server System R1208BB4DC
  Intel® Server System R1208BB4GS9
  Intel® Server System R1304BB4DC
  Intel® Server System R1304BB4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2000BB4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2208BB4GS9
  Intel® Server System R2308BB4GC
  Intel® Server System R2312BB4GS9
Intel® Server Board S2400EP2
Intel® Server Board S2400EP4
Intel® Server Board S1400FP2
Intel® Server Board S1400FP4
Intel® Server Board S1400SP2 Intel® Server System R1304SP2SHBN
Intel® Server Board S1400SP4 Intel® Server System R1304SP4SHOC
Intel Xeon Processor E3 v3 Product Family-Based Boards Intel Xeon Processor E3 v3 Product Family-Based Sytems
Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPL Intel® Server System P4308RPLSHDR
Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPS Intel® Server System R1304RPSSFBN
Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPO Intel® Server System R1208RPOSHOR
  Intel® Server System R1304RPOSHBN
Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPM Intel® Server System R1208RPMSHOR
  Intel® Server System R1304RPMSHOR

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