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RAS Technologies for the Enterprise

Intel Processor-based Server Platforms: Enhanced RAS Capabilities

Intel Solutions White Paper, RAS Technologies for the Enterprise
Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability for the Always-on Enterprise: The Enhanced RAS Capabilities of Intel® Processor-based Server Platforms Simplify 24 x 7 Business Solutions
The pace of business is accelerating around the globe, as leading compan...ies in compute-intensive industries, such as financial trading, manufacturing, and retail move toward a real-time business model in which transactions and information sharing are near-instantaneous. This transition is putting increasing demands on the performance, capacity, availability, and agility of underlying IT infrastructure. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days, to hours, minutes, or even seconds, the cost of downtime skyrockets. From supplier and customer transactions, to employee communications and financial reporting, business-critical functions must be up and running at all times.
For years, Intel has been continually improving the quality and reliability of its platforms, and today’s systems are well suited to this growing challenge. Advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features are integrated into all of Intel’s server product lines, along with security enhancements that help guard against digital attacks. These capabilities are backed by one of the world’s most extensive programs for testing and validating platform performance across diverse hardware and software environments. From initial design to final delivery, quality and reliability are built into every Intel server product.
As a result, businesses can count on Intel processor-based platforms to perform reliably in complex, real-world environments; to provide seamless support for enterprise-class security solutions; and to heal themselves in response to a wide variety of errors that can bring down less protected platforms. Server vendors add to these advantages with a broad array of platform-level RAS options that help businesses address their complete range of availability requirements on a consistent and affordable architecture. From redundant and hot-plug subsystems targeting specific RAS requirements, to complete, mainframe-class platforms designed for 99.999% and higher availability, businesses have the affordable resources they need to keep pace with the rising requirements of the real-time enterprise—so they can stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Read the full Intel® Processor-based Server Platforms White Paper.

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