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Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II

Intel® RAID solutions are designed, optimized, and tested for Intel servers for excellent performance, and data protection capabilities. A one-of-a-kind testing and quality assurance process ensures simplified use in Intel servers.

Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology is host-based RAID that utilizes the chipset, processors, and memory of the server board to provide basic data protection. This is the entry-level standard for Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 sequence-based server boards.

Intel Embedded RAID technology includes advanced technologies and world-class features that supports up to six SATA drives or eight SAS/SATA drives, depending on the server board or system. If you require more drive support, you can seamlessly upgrade to Intel® Integrated AID and/or an Intel® RAID controller add-in card. Host-based RAID 0/1/10 is included with Intel® Server Boards and Systems, and RAID 5 upgrade is available with Activation Key AXXRAKSW5.

Why Intel® Embedded RAID?
• Excellent capabilities for entry-level systems using up to 6 SATA drives or 8 SAS/SATA drives. (Optional SAS motherboard or SAS I/O module required for 8 SAS/SATA drive capability.)
• Comes standard with any Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 sequence-based server boards.
• Includes a RAID 5 upgrade with activation key AXXRAKSW5.

Why Intel® RAID Solutions
• Industry leading performance, and simplified data protection across all RAID levels.
• Reduces total cost of ownership by shopping Intel for servers and controllers.
• Validated using more than 10 times the testing of most other RAID cards tested by Intel.
• Single Web-based RAID software stack to support all products.
• Easy to deploy, and seamless upgrades available.

Read the full Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II Solution Brief.

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