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Are You Up for the #ClickSmart Challenge?

Check your Click IQ and find out if you're a Click Wizard or a Click Head

Are You Up for the #ClickSmart Challenge?

Last year, millions of computer users did one thing that triggered almost 95 percent of all cybercrime: They clicked a bad link disguised as a good one.

In the #ClickSmart Challenge, we'll teach you to become a master link spotter in just eight questions. Ready?

Take the quiz

Treat Every Day Like It's Password Day

Play the Password Blaster game and pledge to make a stronger password

Use a password manager
Don't use any dates or facts that can be found on online
Change passwords regularly

Ninety percent of all passwords are vulnerable. It takes just five minutes to go from hackable to uncrackable.

Hack your life.

Is Locking Your Phone a Waste of Time?

Take our PIN code challenge and you might have a change of heart

Choose a unique PIN
Go to settings
Install apps

Try to crack the PIN on our virtual phone and see other great ways to keep your privacy safe.

Hack your life.

Dr. Skip's Digital Lifehacks

Being safe online can be hard, but it doesn't have to be

Browse like a superhero
Forget your passwords
Get cheaper flights online

Find out about these and other digital security lifehacks and put your security into overdrive.

Hack your life.

Stop. Think. Is This TMI?

How much of your personal life is public online?

Lifehacks: grocery
Lifehacks: hospital
Lifehacks: shipping

If you're like 50% of us, you may have already shared too much personal information.

Do you TMI?
McAfee LiveSafe™—PC Magazine Editors' Choice
McAfee LiveSafe™ service enriches your digital life by helping to secure your data and identity on all of your devices.
McAfee LiveSafe™—PC Magazine Editors' Choice

Connect with confidence using the latest hardware and software security innovations, specifically designed to fit your digital life. Easily enjoy a safe online experience no matter what you do or where you are.

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