Migration from UNIX/RISC to Intel-based Solutions

Migration from UNIX/RISC* and Mainframe to Intel®-based Linux*

Many Fortune 500 corporations have successfully migrated legacy SPARC*/Solaris* and Power/AIX* infrastructure to Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers running Linux*. Most have achieved significant business and IT benefits, including better performance and reliability, lower capital and operating costs, and better... flexibility and agility for future growth. They have also reduced the load on their data center infrastructure. As you’ll see in the case studies referred to in this paper, the benefits can be substantial, even transformative.

This white paper is designed to help technical decision makers understand the requirements of a successful migration. It provides high-level, step-by-step guidelines based on a methodology that has been used successfully for many years and across many different migration scenarios.

Reading this guide from beginning to end will provide you with an overview of migration requirements for various types of applications and workloads.

Read the full Migration from UNIX/RISC* and Mainframe to Intel®-based Linux*.

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