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AIX* to Red Hat Enterprise Linux* Systems Migration Guide

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AIX*, Red Hat Enterprise Linux* Strategic Migration Guide
Executive summary
Is your IT ecosystem in danger of becoming too dependent on a single vendor? Becoming too dependent on a single vendor can put you at a huge disadvantage, making you increasingly vulnerable to cost increases and limiting your options to do what’s best for your business. Migrating from proprietary technologies to those based on free, industry-wide standards will not only help you control IT costs, but also help scale your IT ecosystem. This guide details the recommended process for moving from AIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux AP*.

A thorough understanding of your migration environment is the critical first step to ensure faster time-to-value. Your organization’s motivations for undertaking an OS migration should be carefully considered, as these may influence choices, opportunities, and trade-offs. Likewise, understanding your potential deployment scenarios will help you be proactive in identifying any roadblocks and anticipating future needs.

The migration planning process
Red Hat has established a proven five-step process designed to identify migration opportunities, examine the risks associated with various migration scenarios, create a standard enterprise build, and develop a comprehensive strategic migration plan for the enterprise.

Through this process, your organization will:
• Examine the existing AIX architecture.
• Examine third-party functional and business applications.
• Measure organizational readiness and overall migration risk.
• Develop a strategic AIX-Red Hat Enterprise Linux migration plan.
• Implement the strategic migration plan and employ implementation support strategies.

The details that follow are intended to provide insight into the considerations and processes required to move from AIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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