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Intel® Retail Client Manager: Training Syllabus

Intel® Retail Client Manager: Training Syllabus

Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) self-guided training syllabus.

Recommended Learning Path

Phase 1–First Start
The Quick Start Guide helps you install the software and configure it to connect to the server, and configure your player. Use the Simple Campaign Tutorial to create and publish your first campaign. 2–Advanced Campaigns
The First Three-Zone Campaign video will show you how to make some eye-popping campaigns. Enhance your campaigns with tickers, commands, interesting schedules, and mixed media types, including video, still images, web resources, ticker zones, and RSS feeds. Once these are complete, the Triggers video teaches you how to create and start triggered campaigns.

Phase 3–Managing Media
Scale media campaigns and media libraries to apply to multiple projects. Build two campaigns with the same playlist.

Phase 4–Conditional Play
Conditional play varies what is played in a campaign. You learn how to vary what is displayed in a campaign based on media types with the Conditional Play: Categories video. Conditional Play with Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) will teach you how to change what is played based on audience characteristics (gender, age, and so forth).

Read the full Intel® Retail Client Manager: Training Syllabus.

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