Give Brick-and-Mortar Retail the Edge of Digital Insight


Embedded sensors are changing the way retailers manage merchandise and learn about their customers. By combining RFID tags with a smart platform, brick-and-mortar retail stores can revolutionize inventory tracking, collect in-depth intelligence on customer behavior and preferences, and dramatically reduce losses from misplaced items and inventory shrink. All this helps retailers deliver the best customer experiences and convert sales.


The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform can increase inventory accuracy to nearly 100 percent. The platform offers a simple, affordable way for retailers to gather actionable, near-real-time intelligence—saving money and converting more sales. It tracks items through RFID tags, preserving customer privacy while keeping sales staff informed on inventory, stocking, customer traffic, and local demand. It can reduce losses from misplaced or out-of-stock items, and inventory shrink. RFID data can also be combined with other data, such as video, and quickly analyzed to provide a cohesive portrait of store activity and customer preferences. Intel® Retail Sensor Platform components are easy to manage, integrate with existing store systems, and keep data secure.


  • Know your exact inventory with near-100 percent accuracy to meet fluctuating in-store demands
  • Reduce losses from overstocked, out-of-stock, or misplaced items and inventory shrink
  • Get replenishment alerts when inventories are low at designated locations in the store
  • Maintain inventory in the appropriate locations
  • Understand what items are touched, tried on, and eventually sold
  • Increase salesforce efficiency and effectiveness
  • Protect customer privacy and data and comply with industry requirements with Intel® Security technologies
  • Easily install and manage equipment

Intel® Retail Sensor Platform: In-Depth

Give Brick-and-Mortar Retail the Edge of Digital Insight

The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform has been piloted with great success in the Levi Strauss & Company flagship store in the California headquarters, boosting inventory accuracy and helping deliver amazing customer experiences.

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Real-Time Analytics at the Edge with Intel and SAP

See how innovative IoT technologies from Intel and SAP can help businesses get real-time analytics and business intelligence at the edge with new insights that drive enhancements to business operations and deliver cost savings.

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An IoT Retail Solution

The Intel® Retail Sales Platform and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing* server help solve inventory management issues with the IoT.

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Intel and JDA Partner to Create Next-Gen Inventory Analytics

Intel and JDA have come together to combine the latest in sensor technology and next-gen analytics capabilities to provide pinpoint inventory insight for smarter merchandising.

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Intel® Retail Sensor Platform White Paper

Learn how this end-to-end solution helps system integrators and retailers quickly create and deploy innovative retail solutions informed by analytics.

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Levi Strauss & Co.

By working with Intel, Levi’s was able to get a viable Intel® Retail Sensor Platform pilot running in just a few months. The solution is a key part of Levi’s goal to revolutionize customer service.

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SATO Global Solutions

Drawing on its relationship with Intel, SATO is bringing the retail industry a data-driven in-store solution for accurate inventory management and enhanced customer management.

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Introduction to Intel® Retail Sensor Platform

Consumers are bringing online expectations to brick-and-mortar stores. See how the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform combines asset tracking with analytics to help retailers keep pace.

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Intel® Retail Sensor Platform Solution Architecture

Learn how this platform enables simple, affordable, effective inventory tracking and insights for brick-and-mortar retail environments.

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Optimize Store Profits and the Customer Experience

Intel and JDA have come together to combine the latest in sensor technology and next-gen analytics capabilities to provide pinpoint inventory insight for smarter merchandising. This combination uses near real-time inventory to deliver profitable and personalized in store customer experience that build brand loyalty.

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Tutorials and Demos

Intel® solutions help retailers work smarter and make finding and purchasing products easier for customers, while keeping data and devices safe. See how Intel can help retailers create seamless experiences customers will love.

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Sales staff use retail tools to answer questions, display product reviews, and complete transactions.

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