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Simplifying Content Delivery to Digital Touchpoints

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Simplifying Content Delivery to Digital Touchpoints

Rely on Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) to manage digital content across consumer touchpoints, creating valuable consumer experiences and sales opportunities.

Today, businesses large and small are investing in a new generation of digital touchpoints—digital signs, kiosks, POS (point-of-sale) solutions, vending machines, intelligent shelf labels, and more—to engage customers, convey information and hopefully create a sale:
• A local coffee shop promotes a combo/cross sell offer at checkout. As you approach the counter, the digital sign shows an offer of muffin at half price with the purchase of a large coffee.
• A clothing retailer, looking to highlight a new line of sportswear for teenagers, programs its in-store digital signs to show marketing messages wherever they gather in the store.
• A regional bank wants to make people using its ATMs aware of a new line of financial products. It programs its ATMs and digital signs with a consistent set of messages.

Making sure the right content appears at the right time in the right places is key to the success in each of these examples.

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