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Envisioning Technology’s Role in Transforming Retail’s Future

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Envisioning Technology’s Role in Transforming Retail’s Future

A team of Intel futurists and The Store WPP* retail experts contribute insights to “The History of Retail in 100 Objects” presentation.

Developments in technology keep accelerating, and few industries are being pressured to change as quickly and completely as retail. The astounding speed and power of shoppers’ computing devices are turning shopping into a constant, instantaneous activity. Meanwhile, merchants are relying on new technology to meet customer expectations and to strengthen their businesses— or at least help them to keep pace.

As thought leaders, Intel is collaborating with The Store WPP to imagine what the future of retail will look like. Our team’s futurists analyze big data and constantly exchange ideas with leading retailers, scientists, and solution developers around the world. They model future customer preferences and behaviors, examine new forms of retail infrastructure, and determine the resulting impacts along the supply chain.

One thing is certain: retail will look a lot different.

We know the store of the future will literally adapt to shoppers. This level of intelligence will happen by integrating computing and sensory feedback to create deeper levels of personalized retail experience.

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