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See and Hear Intel at Digital Signage Expo 2014

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Digital signage has become one of the most important and dynamic communication mediums. As retailers, hotels, schools, healthcare institutions, and others think "digital," they are increasingly embracing signage as a powerful way to engage with customers.

At the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas February 2014, Intel demonstrates solutions that integrate signs, smartphones, tablets, and more. Intel solutions power the kind of unique, immersive experiences that help people explore, dream, and connect with the brands they love.

Check out these breakthrough solutions:

Shop Anywhere Solution

Increasing product sales in measurable ways using data analytics.

Context-Aware Marketing Solution

Combining information from multiple sources to deliver directed messages.

Interactive Product Customization Solution

Attracting and retaining customers with product selection app.

Intelligent Water Refill Station Solution

Personal water refill station integrated with interactive digital signage, intelligent analytics, and remote manageability.

Campaign Management Solution

Powered by Intel® Retail Client Manager, a content management platform that delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.
Solution from Arrow >

Solution from Avnet >

Solution from Seneca >

Solution from Keystone >

Intelligent Pluggable System Specification Solutions

Comprehensive system specification that makes it easier to design systems that support compelling usage models and address emerging trends.
Solution from Axiomtek >

Solution from GIGABYTE >
Solution from JWIPC >

Memory Mirror Solution

Personalizing the shopping experience and turns anonymous store visitors into recognized, valued customers.

Intelligent Digital Shelf Solution

Grab customers' attention using electronic shelf displays that play videos and animation.

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