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Creative Realities Brings Bank Brands to Life with Digital Signage

Making Bank Brands Come to Life with Digital Signage

Create immersive experiences that deepen customer relationships and deliver measurable performance.

The opportunity banks have to reach out and connect to customers with compelling and relevant content using in-branch digital displays or signage has never been better. New technology can bring the excitement of online digital signag...e into bank retail branches and take bank marketing to a whole new level.

The larger, more vibrant displays of today’s digital signage enable a bank to make a positive impression. They introduce a new dimension to in-branch marketing: an immersive brand experience. Equally important, digital signage’s results make it worth the extra investment over traditional printed posters.

How much more effective is digital signage? Intel conducted a three-month study that revealed digital signs captured an average of over 400 percent more views than a static sign. For banks, this provides positive proof that the way to gain today’s on-the-go consumers’ attention is with digital signage.

However, banks should consider more than just having digital signs with typical content. A big part of achieving success is developing eye-catching, mind-engaging, original content designed to unlock the true potential of the medium. While the initial approach to digital signage was to repurpose what was being done on television or in print, the most innovative brands are employing digital brand-experience companies such as Creative Realities to take advantage of the unique capabilities of digital signage.

Along with content designed for the medium, another important part of the picture is smart technology. For this reason, Creative Realities uses Haivision digital signage systems equipped with Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite). This innovative technology enables the creation of solutions that recognize a viewer’s gender and age bracket to display relevant content for the audience.

Read the full Making Bank Brands Come to Life with Digital Signage Case Study.

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