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The Tomorrow Project Anthology: Seattle, Ch. 3-8

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On a rainy December day in 2009, two UW professors and a futurist sat in a café in Seattle, talking about scientific research, robots, science fiction, and the future. They discussed theories, stories, and the current scientific landscape. They wished more people were part of the conversation, people with different perspectives about what the future could and should look like. And they wondered how best to find and engage these people.

Thus the seeds for The Tomorrow Project Seattle were sown.

The History
The future is not a fixed point in time.

It is a continuously evolving and changing reality, the result of an on-going dialogue between people and technology.

The Tomorrow Project was born from this idea, with the goal of providing a forum for people from across the globe to have conversations about, and thus influence, the future.

The founders of The Tomorrow Project Seattle, Brian David Johnson, a futurist at Intel® Corporation and Sarah Perez-Kriz, an assistant professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, have been examining the relationship between the future and new technology within the education and hi-tech fields for some time.

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