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Tomorrow Project, Ch. 2: Mercy Dash

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‘I’ll only have four runs, darling,’ promised Hélène as she pushed herself up from the sunbed. She leaned in under the shade of the beach parasol and quickly kissed her new husband on his cheek.

‘Be safe,’ he told her, glancing up with a smile.

At the jetty the speedboat was waiting, its old-fashioned diesel engine ticking over with a low rumble. _e newly-weds were at one of France’s most fashionable beach clubs—Club 55, at Pampelonne Beach, just outside St. Tropez—a venue that had managed to retain its super-exclusive cachet for over 75 years. Princess Grace and Brigitte Bardot had partied here in the club’s early years. And now, in the high summer of the year 2025, Europe’s beautiful people were still gracing its white sands and paying hyper-inflated prices for its drinks.

Few of the guests were as beautiful, or as fashionable, as Parisienne Hélène Guenier. Despite her 56 years, the tall and slender Hélène still drew admiring glances from the men, and from many of the women as, bikini clad, she tiptoed carefully across the hot sand to the boating jetty. Roger Guenier leaned up on his elbows to watch as his wife of only five days told the speedboat driver what she wanted.

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