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Tomorrow Project, Ch. 9: Make Your Future

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My early morning flight into LAX landed on time. Dashing through the terminal, I jumped in a cab and said, “DreamWorks Studio, please.”

“What?” The cab driver turned his head slightly.

“DreamWorks Studio,” I said again.

“Where’s that?”

A little disappointed, I gave him the address.

“Oh,” he smiled finally, “DreamWorks Stooodios.” And with that we were off.

It was a stunning early spring day in Los Angeles, California. The sky was clear and blue with just a hint of heat in the air. I had come to LA to have a conversation with will.i.am. Most people know will as the leader and producer of the multi-platinum, award-winning group, The Black Eyed Peas. He’s also a composer, designer and philanthropist. But I first met will at a technology showcase event that Intel was throwing earlier in the year.

As Intel’s futurist, I was interested in will’s perspective on the ideas we were cooking up in the lab. We walked around the show floor chatting with the engineers as they explained the new products and technologies they were developing. will dove right in, asking questions, picking up the gear and testing it out. Each time we walked away from a booth will gave me his assessment. He pointed out the flaws, the innovations as well as how it might do in the global market. His observations were spot on and quite funny.

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