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Tomorrow Project, Ch. 4: Blink of an Eye

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Alexin leafed through the brochure. “In the beginning was the skin,” the cover proclaimed.

_is was the maxim of Professor Wilhelm Zarger, for whom Zarger Industries were named. _e group of companies had adopted his adage and added a catchy slogan: “In the beginning was the skin. Now there’s AI and Zarger Sensor Technology.”

Skin: one of the most natural sensors imaginable. It detects warmth, pressure, moisture, wind and quite a bit more of whatever the environment can let a human being encounter.

Alexin began to lean forward in his armchair, and the tiny built-in sensors reacted: his seat tipped slightly forward to make it easier for him to get up; then he walked into the living room.

_e heat and motions of his body were detected, and although it was nighttime, lights went on and on so Alexin didn’t have to grope his way through a dark house. Doors automatically swung open, and when he entered the bathroom and stopped by the toilet, the cover hinged open almost silently; the height of the toilet seat adjusted automatically. Alexin didn’t waste time pushing buttons, tripping switches, opening drawers, etc.

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