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Terry O'Shea: Biography

Terry O'Shea

Terrance (Terry) J. O’Shea, Ph.D. is a Senior Principal Engineer in Intel Labs in the Energy and Sustainability Lab.  With over 20 years’ experience, O’Shea is considered a pioneer in the field of sensor networks; and is currently responsible for R&D of novel sensor-based technologies for healthcare, energy, national security, automatic vehicle detection, and emergency response applications, as well as designing new radio technologies, M2M systems and context-aware computing systems. He was key in the initiation of the TRIL Centre in Dublin, Ireland which objective was used to find new approaches to unobtrusive care for older adults in their homes. Overall he has been engaged and directed research work totaling $38M in grants throughout his career.  In 2008 some of his sensor work was commercialized outside of Intel at SHIMMER-Research.com.

O’Shea has co-authored two books—most recently, Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare, published in 2010. He is the author of more than 120 other publications in electronic packaging, biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, sensor networks, sensing, and structural mechanics. His papers have been published in numerous IEEE symposia and in periodicals such as IEEE Electronic Packaging, Circuit World, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Geriatric Medicine, and Journal of Applied Physics. In addition, he holds 60 patents and has another 66 patent applications pending.