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Patricia P. Wang: Biography

Patricia P. Wang

Patricia Wang is now with Technology Management, Intel Labs China. Her job role is to manage technology portfolio, align product roadmap, fill the research gap, explore biz opportunity, and establish tech-leadership visibility. She has been building up strategic partnership in mobile and deep embedded markets. The technology areas she is focusing on include below phone form factor design, hybrid location sensing, HTML5 run-time, cross-platform collaboration, etc.

Before that, Patricia was a team lead and senior researcher with Application Research Lab, Intel China Research Center. She was recognized Employee of Year 2011, and has been a core member of Technical Leadership Committee. She has led the projects of Mobile Augmented Reality, Mirror World Creation and Navigation. The research areas she has been working on include home video editing, video quality assessment, camera motion estimation, etc.

Patricia graduated from Tsinghua University, China with a PhD degree in Computer Science and Technology. She was a visiting technical associate of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. By now she has published 20+ research papers and filed 10+ patents.