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Giuseppe Raffa: Biography

Giuseppe Raffa

Giuseppe "Beppe" Raffa is a Research Scientist whose research interests are in the field of sensors-based context aware systems and sensors-based human-computer interaction. He is currently working on gesture recognition for different platforms and form factor devices, on-body multimodal interfaces, and context-aware systems design. Beppe is also responsible for developing the software architecture of the "ContextWatch", the prototype for a wearable platform equipped with embedded sensors, able to detect movements of your arm and hand as well as other elements such as light and audio.

Beppe received his Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the University of Bologna with a dissertation on "Context-aware Computing in Smart Environments." He has co-authored 19 papers published in international conferences and journals and served as co-editor of the workshop "Smart Environments and their Applications to Cultural Heritage" held at UbiComp2005. In the Cultural Heritage research area, Beppe has been active in researching, developing, and deploying in-field location- and context-aware mobile systems for tourists visiting museums and archaeological sites in Europe.