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Single Chip Cloud Computing Platform Overview

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This document is an introduction to the SCC platform. The SCC is Intel's single-chip computer, the latest research chip from Intel Labs. This chip consists of a mesh of 24 tiles with two IA (P54C) cores per tile, off-chip private memory per core, and a shared on-chip communication buffer. This document is intended to present the capabilities and potential that the SCC platform provides for both academic and industrial research.

Please read the SCC Documentation Disclaimer on the next page. Intel Labs solicits and appreciates feedback. If you have comments about this documentation, please email them to SCC_Technical_Questions@intel.com. Please understand that this is a preliminary document and changes often. Some sections are incomplete, and some don’t even exist yet. Please do not hesitate to request more information about topics that you feel are too sparsely documented or topics that are not yet present.

Intel's Tera-scale Computing Research Program is a worldwide effort to advance computing technology for the next decade and beyond. The program is investigating how to increase the performance and capabilities of current computers. As part of that program, Intel Labs has created a research chip called the Single-chip Cloud Computer (the SCC) to study manycore CPUs, their architectures, and the techniques used to program them. Intel Labs believes the SCC is an ideal research platform to help accelerate many-core software research. By the middle of 2010, Intel Labs anticipates having dozens of industry and academic research