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Model-based Computing: Harnessing the Power of Tera-scale Systems

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The Future of Computing is Model-Based

The performance of future tera-scale computers, with tens or hundreds of integrated processor cores, will empower tomorrow’s technology with more human-like capabilities. Computers will be able to "think" in terms of models—digital “concepts” of people, places, and things found within streams of bits and bytes—enabling them to do far more sophisticated work for users. By building and refining models of what a chair looks like, what data makes up a financial portfolio, or how an object in a video game should move, future computers will be able to perform a range of complicated tasks, from organizing digital photo collections to testing new investment strategies to creating virtual characters for online worlds.

Computers will build models in a way that’s similar to how humans form concepts. For instance, a child develops the concept of “chair” by observing many objects over time, and learning which are considered chairs and which are not. Once she has formed a concept, the child can recognize any chair and can synthesize what she’s learned to create entirely new concepts of chairs. Similarly, a computer, fed sufficient data or examples, can “learn” and refine a model over time, and synthesize new models from what it has learned.

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