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Video Image Reconstruction and Enhancement

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Harnessing the Power of Terascale Systems The performance of future tera-scale computers, based on 10s to 100s of integrated processor cores, will empower technology with more human-like capabilities. In the future, our devices will be able to comprehend the meaning of bits and bytes of data streaming past, and use this knowledge to act on our behalf. To do so, computers must have the ability to think in terms of models—digital concepts of the people, places, and things found within streams of bits and bytes.

By forming ever better models of what a person looks like in a photo, how virtual objects and characters should move, which sounds define speech, or even what data makes up a financial portfolio, future computers will be able to do much more than those of today. They will be able to recognize these models within rich data, such as photos or streaming video. They will be able to mine a desktop PC, corporate server, or the Internet to find similar models. They will even be able to generate new models–for instance, synthesizing new virtual characters or testing out financial strategies for a user.

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