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ILLVA Saronno: Adding Value with Remote Power

ILLVA Saronno Adds Value with Remote Power

ILLVA Saronno increases endpoint management efficiency with the Intel® vPro™ platform and support from Cosmic Blue Team

• Maintain a compelling offering: Cosmic Blue Team (CBT) needs to continually optimize its value-added technology outsourcing services
• Keep costs down: CBT’s client, the ILLVA Saronno Group, pursues excellence in all areas, including IT. Both groups would like to rationalize costs and response times to minimize the need for on-site problem resolution while maximizing devices’ availability
• Stay secure: Any device management model must guarantee high levels of security and energy efficiency

• The right technology: Devices powered by the Intel® vPro™ platform were chosen to optimize endpoint management
• Remote power: CBT technicians can access and administer all laptops and PCs from a remote location, allowing them to address issues simply and quickly, even when devices are turned off
• Customer deployment: The ILLVA Saronno Group was the first of CBT’s customers to replace end-of-life devices with new fixed and mobile solutions based on Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors

• Time savings: Introducing the Intel vPro platform has reduced the time needed to resolve technical issues by 30 to 90 percent
• Full coverage: CBT Service Desk operators can now work remotely on PCs and laptops across ILLVA Saronno’s environments, regardless of where the user is located

Read the full ILLVA Saronno Adds Value with Remote Power Solution Brief.

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