Land Grid Array (LGA) Socket and Package Technology

Land Grid Array Socket and Package Technology


In this document, Intel has integrated customer feedback and developed a reference process to serve as a manufacturing enabling solution.

This recommendation focuses on the key learnings from Intel reference process development.
• This document provides a baseline for customer manufacturing solution development. Man...ufacturing processes are unique and may require unique solutions to ensure an acceptable level of quality, reliability, and manufacturing yield. Due to differences in equipment and materials, process parameter modifications may be required.
• The differences between Intel’s reference process and industry equipment capability must be considered for high volume manufacturing.
• While this document applies to LGA socket processing in general, Intel Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) documents for individual products should also be consulted, for potential product-specific process information. MAS documents for products take precedence over this document.

Customers are responsible for
• Developing and characterizing their manufacturing processes to ensure acceptable solder joint quality and reliability.

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