Meet the Demands of Today's Healthcare Databases

Migrate to a hierarchical MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL solution powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4. Learn how this solution benefits patients, clinicians, staff, EMRs and Patient 360°. Designed for durability and scalability, MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL technology supports massively-scaled applications around the world. MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL is the platform for organizations in nee...d of a system of record capable of high-volume and high-flexibility. Many companies are realizing the benefits of MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL. The Intel® Xeon® processor is designed for data center workloads and includes numerous enhancements that provide improved performance energy efficiency, and reliable security. And as administration, operation, maintenance and new applications costs for legacy mainframes increase, the capabilities and return on investment (ROI) of Intel®-based alternatives become even more pronounced. The Intel®-based data center ecosystem is being revolutionized by innovation in management, energy efficiency, and performance. Modern Intel®-based data centers are able to run more services per staff hour / megawatt / clock cycle than ever before. Introduce Intel® SSD DC and Intel® Ethernet solutions, and you’ve got a solution built for today and tomorrow.

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