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Performance of four Intel-based SMB servers running Web, email, and database applications

Performance of Four Intel-Based SMB Servers Running Applications

Our Findings

The latest Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1240-based small-to-medium business (SMB) server delivers significantly better performance and performance per watt than previous-generation Intel® processor-based SMB servers while running typical office applications. In our tests, the Intel Xeon processor E3-1240-based... server delivered up to 495 percent better performance than three previous-generations Intel processor-based servers did. This superior performance, for comparatively little increase in cost, makes the new Intel Xeon processor E3-1240-based server a wise choice for any small business seeking an all-in-one SMB server.

Our Process

We measured the performance and performance per watt of four different Intel processor-based SMB servers running simultaneous workloads that exercised three of the functions a typical small business server may have to handle: Web, email, and database services. Our tests reflect the priorities of SMB owners: increased efficiency and increased cost savings. Better workload performance results in more accomplished in less time, and better performance per watt results in lower power bills. We wanted to see if the new Intel Xeon processor E3-1240-based SMB server could deliver both.

Project Overview

Hardware ages out. As workloads become more demanding, older servers, and older desktop systems acting as servers, are increasingly unable to run them efficiently. SMB owners find their servers becoming bottlenecks to productivity, and even liabilities as they start to break down.

Read the full Performance of Four Intel-Based SMB Servers Running Applications Rest Report.

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