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Intel® Xeon® Processor 3600 Series Workstations: Multitasking

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Intel® Xeon® Processor 3600 Series Workstations: Multitasking

Product Brief: Essential Workstation

Intel® Xeon® Processor 3600 Series

Accomplish more with high-performance multitasking with Intel® Xeon® Processor 3600 series-based workstations

Many businesses limit productivity without knowing it by supplying designers, engineers, and analysts with entry-level workstations or even standard desktop PCs that simply can’t keep pace with their demanding workloads. Intel’s most powerful single-processor work-stations deliver much higher capacity and performance, along with enhanced reliability to help power users:
• Turn their ideas into reality faster and more efficiently with highly responsive applications for model generation, CAD, mechanical and electrical design, financial analysis and more.
• Work on large-scale 3D designs instead of smaller subassemblies to simplify work and immediately see how changes impact the bigger picture.
• Perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as running analytics, modeling and simulations while simultaneously using interactive design and productivity applications. With up to six processing cores and 12 execution threads, the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 3600 series-based workstations deliver up to 44 percent better performance than previous-generation single-processor workstations for digital content creation. They also adapt intelligently to workloads so you get better performance across a wider range of applications and tasks.
• Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) doubles the number of execution threads to increase performance for complex workloads (simulation-based design, ray tracing, rendering, etc.).
• Intel® Turbo Boost Technology increases core frequencies for peak workloads to provide more performance when you need it most for every application.
• Intel® Smart Cache dynamically allocates cache resources based on the demands of each processing core so data is managed more efficiently to optimize multi-core performance.

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