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Caszone Achieves Positive ROI with Intel® vPro™ Technology

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Caszone Achieves Positive ROI with Intel® vPro™ Technology

ROI Analysis of Intel® Core™2 Processor with vPro™ Technology by Caszone, Managed Service Provider

Caszone achieves positive ROI of 160% using Intel® vPro™ technology to improve asset management and helpdesk support.

Caszone, headquartered in Korea, is a managed service provider which delivers IT management services to Internet cafes (iCafes) and other small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Korea. With 25 employees and 110 partner support centers, Caszone currently manages 40,000 laptop and desktop PCs. An industry leader, the company recently received the Best iCafe Customer Satisfaction Award.

Caszone is contracted by Korea Rental to manage PCs that are rented to iCafes across Korea. This involves two services: asset tracking and helpdesk support. Accurate asset management (by means of periodic PC auditing and inventory checks) helps Korea Rental avoid capital losses and licensing issues. Caszone also provides helpdesk support for software and hardware problems, in order to help minimize downtime for PCs used by iCafe customers.

In the past, when a PC had not responded to a remote audit or inventory, Caszone often had to provide on-site service to fulfill their service level agreement. A large number of these failures were caused because PCs were powered down during the remote service cycle. To help reduce such service costs, Caszone has been taking advantage of the remote manageability features on newly deployed PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology. Since managing the PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology, Caszone has seen a significantly reduced failure rate for remote audits and inventories. Caszone is also able to offer a better service level agreement to Korea Rental, improving the audit and inventory accuracy target from 90% to virtually 100%. The company now remotely discovers and powers up PCs with Intel vPro technology virtually any time for remote access by asset tracking software. By reducing this type of failure, Caszone has less need to make on-site visits to locate PCs for audits and inventories.

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