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Intel® Silicon View Technology (Intel® SVT)

Accelerate Intel® architecture-based platform debug, electrical validation, and board-manufacturing testing

Intel® Silicon View Technology (Intel® SVT) is a set of capabilities embedded in Intel® processors and chipsets that enable platform debug, electrical validation, and board manufacturing test solutions available from Intel and third-party solution providers.

Shorter refresh cycles, shrinking form factors, and greater performance expectations in a tighter power envelope pose unavoidable debug and test challenges to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs). Intel SVT capabilities help OEMs and ODMs meet these debug, electrical validation, and board manufacturing challenges as described below:


Platform Debug

Intel SVT enables a host of capabilities to facilitate platform debug. These are classified into four categories:

  • Foundational capabilities enable tools to support run control, trace extraction, trigger setup, data, and register extraction for viewing.
  • Software tracing captures architectural trace events to facilitate instrumentation of software execution without directly modifying the software itself.
  • Hardware tracing captures more detailed architectural or microarchitectural signals or states across links or computational subsystems within the target machine. 
  • Debug ports consist of communication ports to exchange data and control information between host and target systems for debug or validation purposes.


Electrical Validation

Intel SVT enables electrical validation tools to measure and optimize operational timing and voltage margins of platform-level communication channels (for example, data links and buses) terminating at the CPU or platform controller hub (PCH). Used interactively in an engineering environment, these tools also assist in root cause investigation of any low operating margins.

Board Manufacturing Testing

Intel SVT enables a new class of tools to test and diagnose both structural and at-speed defects during board manufacturing. These tools can cover a variety of board structural and functional tests.

For board structural tests, Intel SVT provides defect coverage and diagnostics, complementing the in-circuit test (ICT) environments where erosion of test-point access is increasingly jeopardizing test capabilities.

For board functional tests, Intel SVT offers improved diagnostics. It enables at-speed tests for high-speed interfaces, thereby reducing dependencies on board functional tests and providing test-cost-reduction opportunities.

Intel® Silicon View Technology