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Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M and Intel® 852PM/GME/GMV Chipset Platform Design Guide Update

Intel Pentium M Processor and Intel 855GM/GME Chipset Platform

This Design Guide Update document is an update to the specifications and information contained in the Intel® Pentium® M Processor and Intel® 855GM Chipset Platform Design Guide, Document Number 252616. This Design Guide Update may reference other documents listed in the following Affected Documents/Related Documents table. This ...document is a compilation of updates to the general design considerations; schematic, layout, and routing updates; and documentation changes. This document is intended for hardware system manufacturers and for software developers of applications, operating systems, and tools. The design guide (and this design guide update) is primarily targeted at the PC market segment and was first published in 2003. Those using this design guide and update should check for device availability before designing in any of the components included in this document.

Information types defined in the Nomenclature section of this document are consolidated into the public design guide update document when the public design guide document is first published. This design guide update document contains a complete list of all known information types. However, only the detail for new material is included in this document. Both the public design guide document and this design guide update document are required to allow the users to have a complete list of information types and the associated details. This design guide update document will contain information that has not been previously published.

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