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The Intel® Itanium® Processor 9300 Series

Intel® Itanium® 9300 Family Whitepaper 

Executive Summary

The Intel® Itanium® processor family provides the foundation for mainframe-class computing systems that offers greater flexibility and better cost models than traditional mainframe and high-end RISC systems. The new Intel® Itanium® processor 9300 series delivers a major step forward in this processor family. It provides more t...han double the performance of the Intel® Itanium® processor 9100 series, along with greater scalability and enhanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features. Systems based on this new processor are ideal for running demanding enterprise applications, such as database, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The most significant improvements in the Intel Itanium processor 9300 series include:
• Double the number of processing cores:

The new processor has four high-performance cores, which will substantially boost performance for many applications and provide greater capacity for consolidating more applications and heavier workloads per server.
• Many-fold increases in bandwidth:

With two integrated memory controllers and new Intel® QuickPath Interconnect Technology, memory interconnect bandwidth has been improved by up to a factor of six and system interconnect bandwidth by up to a factor of nine. These increases help to sustain high utilization rates for all four processing cores, enabling substantial gains in performance and throughput for demanding workloads. They also provide a resilient and high-performance foundation for building large multiprocessor systems.

Read the full Intel® Itanium® 9300 Family White Paper.

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