Intel Platform Innovation Framework for EFI Human Interface Infrastructure Specification v0.9

EFI Human Interface Infrastructure Specification v0.9


This document describes the mechanisms by which the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI (the “Framework”) manages user input. The major areas described include the following:
• String and font management.
• User input abstractions (for keyboards and mice), mainly those used during the Driver Execution Enviro...nment (DXE) and Boot Device Selection (BDS) phases.
• Internal representations of the forms(in the HTML sense) that are used for running a preboot setup
• External representations, and the derivations of those representations, of the forms that are used to pass configuration information to runtime applications and the mechanisms to allow the results of those applications to be driven back into the firmware.

General goals include:
• Simplified localization, the process by which the interface is adapted to a particular language.
• A “forms” representation mechanism that is rich enough to support the complex configuration issues encountered by platform developers, including stock keeping unit (SKU) management and interrelationships between questions in the forms.
• Definition of a mechanism to allow most or all the configuration of the system to be performed during boot (DXE/BDS), at runtime, and remotely. Where possible, the forms describing the configuration should be expressed using existing standards such as XML.
• Ability for the different drivers (including those from add-in cards) and applications to contribute forms, strings, and fonts in a uniform manner while still allowing innovation in the look and feel for Setup.
• Encourage a “walk up and use” (WUU) user interface. Most applications are designed to be used repeatedly. User interface designers must trade off learnability for usability. The goal of WUU applications is to be instantly usable without a learning curve or other documentation.

Read the full EFI Human Interface Infrastructure Specification.

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