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Media and creation-ready

Take content creation to the next level with the new 8-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition. Take advantage of massive 16-thread performance for faster video encoding, image rendering, and audio production.

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Unlock the power within

Enjoy unmatched performance without additional hardware thanks to built-in Intel® technologies and overclocking enabled—then set system specs just the way you like1 for added flexibility. 

Seize control over your system

Gaming like never before

Dominate competition with an unlocked Intel processor1, smart Intel-only features, and overclocking for a flexible and powerful weapon when you demand unrivaled performance.

Experience extreme

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Intel® SSDs

Extreme throughput for critical apps, delivering reliable, responsive storage performance.

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Intel Platform Memory Validation

Results of platform memory validation are a guideline for memory compatibility with Intel® chipsets.

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Intel® X99 Chipset

Designed specifically for overclocking, optimize system performance on better together technology.

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Product and Performance Information


WARNING: Altering clock frequency and/or voltage may: (i) reduce system stability and useful life of the system and processor; (ii) cause the processor and other system components to fail; (iii) cause reductions in system performance; (iv) cause additional heat or other damage; and (v) affect system data integrity. Intel has not tested, and does not warranty, the operation of the processor beyond its specifications. Intel assumes no responsibility that the processor, including if used with altered clock frequencies and/or voltages, will be fit for any particular purpose. For more information, visit www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/overclocking/overclocking-intel-processors.html.