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Intel® Omni Scale Architecture: The Next-Generation Fabric

Intel® Omni Scale Fabric is designed to deliver the performance for tomorrow’s high performance computing (HPC) workloads and the ability to scale to tens—and eventually hundreds—of thousands of nodes at a cost-competitive price to today’s fabrics. 

This next-generation fabric from Intel builds on the Intel® True Scale Fabric with an end-to-end solution, including PCIe* adapters, silicon, switches, cables, and management software. Customers deploying Intel True Scale Fabric today will be able to migrate to Intel Omni Scale Fabric through an Intel upgrade program.

In the near future, Intel will integrate the Intel® Omni Scale Host Fabric Interface onto future generations of Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors to address several key challenges of HPC computing centers:

  • Performance – Processor capacity and memory bandwidth are scaling faster than system I/O. Intel Omni Scale Fabric will accelerate message passing interface (MPI) rates for tomorrow’s HPC.
  • Cost and density – More components on a server limit density and increase fabric cost. An integrated fabric controller helps eliminate the additional costs and required space of discrete cards, enabling higher server density.
  • Reliability and power – Discrete interface cards consume many watts of power. Integrated onto the processor, the Intel Omni Scale Host Fabric Interface will draw less power with fewer discrete components.

For software applications, Intel Omni Scale Fabric will maintain consistency and compatibility with existing Intel True Scale Fabric and InifiniBand* APIs by working through the open source OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) software stack. The OFA software stack works with leading Linux* distribution releases.

Intel is providing a clear path to addressing the issues of tomorrow’s HPC with Intel Omni Scale Fabric. Contact your Intel representative or any authorized Intel True Scale Fabric provider to discuss how to take advantage of this next-generation fabric for your future HPC workloads.

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