VidyoRoom HD-40 based on the Intel® NUC

Vidyo, the global leader in video collaboration, is changing the way people connect. It has moved the business model for video conferencing beyond expensive legacy hardware and dedicated networks to provide a powerful, flexible, and scalable software-based solution that is also affordable. This software platform dynamically adapts to changing network and endpoint device conditions in real time to ...deliver consistent high-quality experiences over any network and on any device. As a software-only solution, Vidyo is able to take advantage of innovations in computing platforms, like the Intel® NUC, to deliver incredible high-quality video, audio, and content collaboration into fixed endpoint environments at dramatically lower price points. The Intel NUC's compact form factor enables new applications that simply aren't practical with larger group system compute platforms.

The VidyoRoom* HD-40 software is delivered locked down on the Intel NUC. The combination creates a powerful in-room videoconferencing endpoint whose compact form factor, light weight, and quiet operation make it perfect for mounting behind a display or integrating into a mobile conferencing cart for pleasing aesthetics and precious space preservation.

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