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Intel® Mobile Modem Solutions

Intelligent connectivity, global mobility

We live in a hyper-connected world. Intel® mobile modem solutions deliver the speed and agility to keep you intelligently connected, across town and around the world. Designed for smartphones, tablets, 2 in 1s, and next-generation computing devices, Intel’s low-power modems are among the industry’s most compact and cost-effective cellular solutions. And we have shipped more than two billion of them.


Intel mobile modem solutions are ready to scale to your markets. From performance-tier smartphones to entry-level tablets, Intel® modems integrate flexibly with a range of device designs and are certified with operators globally.

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4G LTE Modems and Modules

Multi-mode, multi-band solutions supporting the highest industry data rates and advanced capabilities such as carrier aggregation, voice over LTE (VoLTE), and power-saving technologies like envelope tracking.



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3G and 2G Modems and Modules

Highly integrated system platforms designed for integration in leading-edge, entry-level, and ultra-low-cost smartphones and tablets.



  Product Protocols Key Features
4G LTE Platforms Intel® XMM™ 7260 and Intel® XMM™ 7262 LTE Advanced
Up to 300 Mbps data rate
Carrier aggregation (40 MHz)
Voice over LTE support
Integrated envelope tracking and antenna tuning for power savings
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  Intel® XMM™ 7160 LTE FDD
Up to 150 Mbps data rate
Pre-certified for global connectivity
Ultra compact and power efficient
Voice over LTE support
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  PCIe* M.2 standard WWAN module
featuring Intel® XMM™ 7160 modem
Up to 150 Mbps data rate
Small, cost-effective design for PCs and tablets
Integrated GPS
3G & 2G Platforms Intel® XMM™ 6360  DC-HSPA+ Up to 42 Mbps data rate
Global connectivity in single SKU
Hardware and software interfaces to applications processor
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  Intel® XMM™ 6255 HSPA World’s smallest standalone 3G modem
Designed for Internet of Things devices
Intel® SMARTi™ UE2P transceiver with integrated power amplifier minimizes BOM costs
Isoplexer with antenna isolator for robust connectivity in difficult environments
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  Intel® XMM™ 6260 HSPA+ Up to 21 Mbps data rate
Penta-band 3G, quad-band EDGE with receive diversity
Compact PCB footprint and power consumption
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  Intel® XMM™ 6140 HSPA Cost-effective platform for rich multimedia
Common CPU architecture enables scalability from 2G to 3G
  Intel® XMM™ 2230 and Intel® XMM™ 2250 EDGE Integrated Bluetooth* 4.0 BLE
Integrated FM radio with RDS and transmit capability
5 MP imaging support with HW ISP
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  Intel® XMM™ 2130 and Intel® XMM™ 2150 EDGE EDGE downlink at cost of GPRS, enabling low-cost browsing
Integrated FM radio
Very low power consumption
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  Intel® XMM™ 1180 GSM/GPRS GPRS with great multimedia performance
1.3 MP camera support
Integrated FM radio, MP3, and USB
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  Intel® XMM™ 1100 GSM/GPRS Dual-SIM design
Low BOM by integrating FM radio, SRAM, serial Flash*, and low-cost PCB
Ultra-low power consumption
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